How to play

Guess ball 2 ball Cricket (way to enjoy cricket web online) – Guess all balls of the real cricket match enjoy your guessing points.

Guess Ball 2 Ball Cricket (GB2B) is different than other Premier Fantasy Cricket websites because we allow you to guess ball to ball play basis. From the main screen, First login registration,   choose any free (or) paid contest you would like to enter to play against real match. You can play for free or you can play for cash. Once your login registered, you may enter to guess the game play as many as you’d like.

Playing Guess ball 2 ball is simple and easy for cricket lovers, Try Guessing all balls of the cricket match mostly. First Select from the main menu of matches scheduled Dash Board to guess a cricket match; Register and Login then submit your filled form one hour before the live match begins to start. If you stop left or ignored submitting, login system automatically takes your form for submitting.  


Free Login’s:

Once yours registered as free guesser, choose your cricket match game from the main screen board for free guessing the real game, submit your guessing ball to ball forum before an hour the real match was going to start.

Score the Most Points:

For free guessing, every correctly guessed ball’ equals to 1 Point. Only valid correctly guessed balls register s and counts.

Once the games start, we give feedback on your guessed balls though tracker, we will accumulate points based on your guessing balls how perform in real life cricket match.

For Premium guessing

Status Disabled

Board of Examining:-

Five people of examining the real cricket game feedback will be disturbed to your free or paid login tracker. 

Security of guessing:

For free or paid user accounts, we were give 100% secure and safe, yours user account anytime you can disable depends upon the conditions apply.

Get Paid!                                                                                                                                         

After the end of the match, after all the points are tabulated and for free and paid user is determined, by examining you will receive an instant payout into your GB2B account. That's it! Now get started, have fun and HAPPY CRICKETING from all of us at Guess Ball 2Ball!!

For Additional support please go through with terms and conditions before registering…